09 November 2013

Roswell sectional this week

I'm still thinking about future directions for this blog. I've been fairly bad about updating in the past, but I'm hoping that perhaps the sectional in Roswell this week might provide some material for posts. I'm also not content about the name of this blog. While it is true I live in the Atlanta area, I have no official position or the like in any of the local clubs or the local unit/district. The name sounds a bit pretentious to me, so I'm still trying to reconcile what I should call the blog that fits the name "atlbridge.com". There may be tweaks on that down the road, but for now I'll just leave the name as is.

02 November 2013

Site revamp

This site has been dead for quite a while. I'm working on reformatting the site and will hopefully have some content up shortly.